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April 15, 2018 Modern Table

Modern Table Legs Styles

Modern table legs styles- Pedestal; one of the most popular of the table leg styles are the single pedestal. This leg is usually 4 to 6 inches square and hollow. This type of legs used primarily for dining tables or anywhere space is limited. Normally, the tabletop is circular. Each pedestal style can also be round like a very large dowel. In order to stabilize the leg, the creators attach carved wooden hangers or elegant feet to the bottom.



Queen Anne modern table legs; Queen Anne legs appear on more expensive tables; in particular, the “corner to wing” style become standard. The wing corner style can be recognized by a cut-spherical shape at the top. When the leg toward the floor, it gently curves inward and becomes thinner. Bottom leg sloping outwards again with a carved foot, often like a cat feet with claws.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Modern Table Legs Styles

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Turned modern table legs; Turned legs are very strong. They appear on very robust, heavy furniture and tables. Turned legs are usually cut from 4-by-4 lumber or even larger hardwood studs. The woodworker places buds on a large lathe and got them. By means of special chisels, cutting his legs in wave patterns of any design. They may have consecutive circles stacked on top of each other or smooth round spaces intermittently with round balls. They may even have corkscrew pattern.

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