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January 14, 2018 Modern Table

Evolution of Modern Pool Table

Modern pool table – Carom Billiards and Pool, undoubtedly the classification of pool tables most widespread and everyone, fan billiard game or not, knows and usually handles. According to this classification, the pool tables are divided according to the type of mode of billiard game those of carom not have portholes and pool tables or pool if any.



Originally all modern pool table quality were handcrafted, made with solid wood, high quality slate, completely smooth, flawless and perfectly aligned to ensure the quality of the game and lined with a cloth usually green and characteristics depending on the pool table, carom or pool, ensure the level of play.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Evolution of Modern Pool Table

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Nevertheless, like everything, the manufacture of billiard tables evolving, changing some features of modern pool table, such as the color of the cloth, new materials are introduced into the manufacture of billiard tables. This evolution as a result the tables modern pool, each with its distinctive style and design and a new classification of establishing billiards carom billiards and pool. Billiard pool table cosmopolitan red cloth and wood edge but you can also find tables with the inner edge of metal, wood and outer sheet metal on all four corners. Modern pool billiard table blue cloth and wood edges with the areas attached to the small windows painted black.

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