"We should teach all kids how to use Facebook"

Ramsey Mohsen

Director of Social DEG Digital, tech reporter, web strategist

"We Swallowed a Fly - A Cautionary Transportation Tale"

Eric Bunch

Director of Education at BikeWalkKC and BikeShareKC

"Blue Zones: Lessons From People Who've Lived the Longest"

Archelle Georgiou

Physician, healthcare executive, health media expert

"Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening"

Phil Borges

Social documentary photographer and filmmaker

"Sustainability, I have a Recipe"

Anton Kotar

Restaurant owner, Inventor

"How to Rob a Bank"

William Black

Professor of economics and law at UMKC, expert in white collar crime

"Don't Hate the Players, Change the Game"

Mona Lyne

Professor of Political Science at UMKC

"Inspiration, Music, Unlocking What's Inside"

Karrin Allyson

American Jazz vocalist

"There to Here is Just Another Leap"

Joyce Layman

Speaker, connector and founder of Mind By Design

"For Nerds Who Considered Cool"

Omar Holmon

Spoken word poet, Artist