Past Events

TEDxUMKC 2015: Big Challenges, Small Solutions

Although our society has made much progress, there are still major challenges facing us today. Some of these challenges are well known, while many are not. However, there are those among us that recognize, react, and resolve those problems. These pioneers, acting in the spirit of ingenuity and altruism, have paved a path to help make the world a better place. They bring awareness to unseen obstacles, and offer creative solutions to tackle them. Innovational in nature and quick in thinking, these individuals strive to expand our horizons by breaking the facade for others to follow and demonstrating that one individual can make a difference.

TEDxUMKC 2015: Ditching Dogma

Dogma is embedded into the human condition. We are taught what processes worked for our ancestors and we observe those same processes being utilized by others around us. Accordingly, more often than not, we follow suit. Ditching Dogma is about creativity, innovation, and thinking differently: not accepting the notion that we should do things simply because “that’s how they’ve always been done,” rewarding those who take risks while casting away notions of traditionalism.

TEDxUMKC 2013: UncharTED

Ideas shared involve risk-taking and may involve mistakes. We have focused our curating efforts towards people who were going, or had gone, beyond limitations. we are hinting at geography as well as the limits of our imaginations. Inspiring and exhilarating, we invite you – to discover, explore, and challenge the uncharTED.

TEDxUMKC 2012: InterconnecTED

A University is a place of learning and expanding one’s ideas, beliefs, and perceptions. The mission of this event is to invite passionate, eloquent and inspiring speakers to impart a body of knowledge and a growing sense of curiosity among the audience.